Online Scheduling Policy

Policy for HRMSF On-line Scheduling

1.    Scheduling for all instruments is on a first-come first-served basis. 

2.    Minimum time block that can be schedule is 30 minutes.  For LC-MS usage on the TQD and Q-TOF, the minimum is 2 hours.

3.    Maximum time allowed to be reserved during work week (Monday-Friday) is 24 hours.  This can be consecutively or in two 12 hour blocks.

4.    If time is available during a given work week, you can sign up for that time even if you have already met your 24 hour limit.

5.    If a larger block of time is needed, reservations should be made at least 2 week in advance and are subject to approval by facility staff.  Most requests will be honored.  We would just prefer the advance notice for other facility customers/users.

6.    We request that you do not schedule more than 6 weeks in advance.

7.    Users are required to start working within an hour of scheduled start time or notify staff of any delay, otherwise your time will be opened to other users.

8.    For new users, we ask that you initially schedule time during staff hours, so we will be available to answer questions as you become more comfortable operating the instrument.

9.    For Voyager and GCT, 24 hour notice is required in order to ensure requested source type and GC column are installed.  Scheduled times must be approved by facility staff before the time is reserved on the instrument calendar.

10. To be fair to other users, only reserve the time you will need to setup the instrument and run your experiments. Avoid reserving excess time “just in case”. 

11. If you find that you do not need all of your reserved time on a particular day, please notify staff of this change.  We will then notify other users of the available instrument time.

12. The Facility staff reserves the right to edit to the calendars for maintenance and repairs.  You will be notified if it is necessary to make changes to the calendar.