High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Facility (HRMSF)

About Us

The High Resolution Mass Spectrometry Facility (HRMSF) provides information pertaining to the molecular weight, elemental composition, and molecular structure of a compound.  We perform high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) experiments or accurate mass measurements to determine the elemental compositions of new synthetic molecules and natural products.  We can also perform tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) experiments, which are used to assist in the structure determination of unknown molecules.  We have four available open access instruments (both GC-MS and LC-MS) for on-campus researchers who have been trained by the HRMSF staff.  Presently we serve researchers in over 35 research groups from six different colleges within the University of Iowa.

Services Available

The HRMSF staff is available for consultation with researchers to develop mass spectrometry strategies to resolve research problems.  Most samples require 20 to 60 minutes of analysis time, which leads to typical costs of $34-$68 per sample for University of Iowa researchers.  Charges for open access instrumentation usage are lower (please see our service rates page for more detailed information). Mass spectrometry services are also available to non-University of Iowa researchers at a somewhat increased rate (analysis forms for both University of Iowa and non-UI researchers on our forms page).

More Information

For more information please contact us by either the telephone number or the email addresses listed on our contact information page.